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Today we say goodbye

July 7, 2009


(Picture by Yoma82 on deviantart)

Today, Michael Jackson will lie to rest.
I have been wanting to post about him since he died but I remained hesitant.

I grew up to Michael Jackson’s songs of my generation, as well as of the previous generations since my dad was also a fan of the Jackson 5.  I never cared about the cases against him and of his “wackoness” since Michael Jackson’s music is what I always cared for.  I love his music and his dance moves.

He was a person who have played a huge role in the music industry through his music, his music video clips, his concerts, his costumes and of course his dance moves.

Less than a day before his death, the local radio station were playing Billie Jean when I was headed to work.  I naturally, raised the volume, ignored all calls, whilst I sung and bopped my way to the office.  A great way to start the day.  That song, 25 years after its release, still had that impact on me.  So many of his songs also still do affect me like that, such as The Way You Make Me Feel, Rock with You and many more.

Needless to say, Michael Jackson has also inspired the fashion industry with his unique sense of style.

Michael Jackson has left a big hole that will be extremely difficult to fill in.

For generations to come, people will continue listening to Michael Jackson (even more now since the respect and honor he deserves is long overdue).

I hope Michael Jackson will finally rest in peace.








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