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Events, Opera, & Wind

April 29, 2010

Its been hectic the past few weeks. It has been really busy at work, plus I got ill for a few days, plus there have been many events taking place in Kuwait as well.

Last Thursday I attended the opening of Bel Air at Arraya Complex

During the weekend, I also attended the opera, La Traviata at the Movenpick Bidaa hotel. For those who don’t know, La Traviata is an opera in three acts, by Giuseppe Verdi.
I was not very pleased by the event management. I understand the fact that some singers could not fly in as a result of the volcano eruption so some singers had dual parts, I also do understand that the weather is uncontrollable, however, when my friend bought our tickets, he did ask what if the weather is crap, will the show still remain outdoors. The reply received was that there was a plan b to move indoors. Well, as much as I love the idea of outdoor events, I did not enjoy sitting outdoors on a windy night, listening to the sound of wind hovering over the singers’ voices nor was I pleased to see set pieces flying off. It was all very distracting from the actual show.

Also last weekend, I was invited to a Cool Hunter event. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it although I was so excited about ever since I received the invite!

On a brighter note, the weather on Saturday was great to head out and tan… crossing fingers for the same this weekend 🙂

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