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Venus Williams Lacey Sheer Attire

May 24, 2010

Via Yahoo

I like tennis outfits.  I think they are cute and adorable BUT what on Earth was Venus Williams thinking??
I HATE this outfit and I don’t find it appropriate for the court.

Thanks Ray!


Zaha Hadid Designed Sandals

May 23, 2010

Melissa joined forces with world renowned architect Zaha Hadid (my favorite architect) a few years ago to create sandals.  I had seen images of them but never found where I could buy them now.

Today, I was checking LuisaViaRoma,  a luxury shopping website, which I just heard off today, and what do I find in their sale section?? You guessed it… Zaha Hadid sandals.  Unfortunately, my size isn’t available nor is the color I want available (but I would have settled for size!!) And guess what… it’s for just under KD 50!!

Yes, some of you might be thinking it’s too weird or whatever… but I really adore the futuristic look to it.

Such a shame 😦

Swatch Concept Scratchless Watch

May 9, 2010

Via Yanko Design

The Swatch concept watch by designer Allan George is basically aimed at the youth who like to wear trendy fashion, but maybe rough with it. Although latest scratch-proof glass materials are used in Omega, Rolex and ilk, but not all brands use this for their entire collection. And a watch with scratches on its glass looks so lame! Allan’s concept simple does away with the glass face and replaces it with a plastic-rubber finish. The colored hands peep out, behind a transparent rim, giving the watch a trendy and easy look!

David Stark Posts It!

May 6, 2010

Check out this post on Design*Sponge by David Stark.

I truly want to try this.  It looks like fun to do and looks great as well.

I want to design  a wall at home with post its now 🙂

Check the below images… I would have loved to be at that event… and suddenly I have the urge to use bubble wrap for an event…

I received my shipment :)

May 4, 2010

I just got my shipment from Fashionation.  Above is the picture of the Thiery Mugler coin purse I had ordered.  It’s so purple and shinyyyy yaaay! 🙂

My colleague A. said: “It so you! And you wonder why people think of you as 80s!”

I also have realized I have not shopped in ages since I’ve been so busy! Time to plan a full-pledged shopping spree.

Fedora is back!

May 4, 2010

Paul Smith

Hats! My love!!

I think everyone should have hats in their wardrobe and they should go ahead and wear them.  I love Fedora hats… straw, canvas, cotton, or anything! You can wear them casually to the beach, with shorts and flip flops, you can wear them with a suit, or you can wear them with a dress! They are perfect to have for men or women in all shades of colors and styles!


R.I.P. Jean-Louis Dumas

May 4, 2010

Jean-Louis Dumas, the man who revived Hermès when he was the Chief Executive for almost 30 years, passed away at the age of 72 on Saturday.